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EclecticIQ Intelligence Center

Ingest threat intelligence from Stixify into the EclecticIQ Intelligence Center.



EclecticIQ incoming feed setup
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the incoming feed setup page
  2. 2.
    Select add new feed
  3. 3.
    You can set most fields as you wish, the key ones are
    1. 1.
      Transport type: TAXII 2.1 poll
    2. 2.
      Content type: STIX 2.1
    3. 3.
      API Root URL: (YOUR-GROUP-UUID can be obtained on the Group Management page in the Stixify web app.)
    4. 4.
      Collection ID: COLLECTION-UUID (COLLECTION-UUID can be obtained from the Collection List page in the Stixify web app.)
    5. 5.
      Username: Stixify username
    6. 6.
      Password: Stixify API key
    7. 7.
      Added after: should be no more than 7 days because our TAXII feed does not return any more data than this
    8. 8.
      Objects per run (max): 50
    9. 9.
      Download time frame: advancing
Now click save, and you should see intelligence being ingested.


Once incoming feed is enabled, the ingested threat intelligence can be used in the EclecticIQ Intelligence Center.